Elmet Technologies – Covington Operations

Covington Operations (Vestar Technologies)

Located in Covington, GA, Elmet’s 99,000 square foot Covington Operations runs state-of-the-art, large capacity equipment selected to efficiently produce sapphire growth crucibles, sputtering targets, and a range of products from molybdenum, tungsten, their alloys and other materials.  Covington’s equipment includes a cold isostatic press, sintering furnace, rolling mill, surface grinders, abrasive water jet, bed mills, CNC and manual spinning machines, and CNC lathe to support a diverse set of industries and applications:

Additionally, this set of equipment taken together constitutes the largest, fully integrated North American manufacturing plant for tungsten and molybdenum crucibles.  Crucibles are a critical element of the synthetic sapphire manufacturing process for LED light manufacturing, high performance glass for mobile devices and military-grade windows, as well as other applications.

Our Covington site began production operations in early 2013.  Please explore the product and industries links on our site to learn more.

Elmet Technologies
Covington Operations
15160 Prater Dr
Covington, GA
Phone: (770) 728-1300

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